HTML Comments

HTML Comments

Although HTML comments are not visible in the browser, they can aid in the documentation of your HTML source code.

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HTML Comment Tags

By utilizing the following syntax, you may add comments to your HTML source:

<!-- Write your comments here -->

It's worth noting that the start tag has an exclamation point (!) while the end tag does not.

Note: Although the browser does not show comments, they might aid in the documentation of your HTML source code.

Notifications and reminders may be added to your HTML code using comments:


<!-- This is a comment -->
<p>This is a paragraph.</p>
<!-- Remember to add more information here -->

Comments are good for debugging HTML since you may one by one remark on the HTML code lines to look for mistakes:


<!-- Do not display this image at the moment
<img border="0" src="pic_trulli.jpg" alt="Trulli">

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