HTML IFrames

HTML IFrames

The iframe HTML is used for showing a web page in a web page.

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HTML Iframe Syntax

A inline frame is specified by the HTML iframe Tag.

A new document is integrated into the current HTML content using an inline frame.


<iframe src="url" title="description">

Tip: Including a title attribute for the iframe is excellent practise. This is used to read the contents of the iframe by the display readers.

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Iframe - Set Height and Width

To specify the size of the iframe, use the height and width parameters.

Default pixels specify height and width:


<iframe src="html-resources/demo.htm" height="120" width="180" title="Iframe Example"></iframe>

Or you may add the CSS height and width features by using the style attribute:

<iframe src="html-resources/demo.htm" style="height:120px;width:180px;" title="Iframe Example"></iframe>

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Iframe - Remove the Border

An iframe has a border around it by default.

Add the style attribute and utilise the CSS border property for removing the border.


<iframe src="html-resources/demo.htm" style="border:none;" title="Remove Iframe Border"></iframe>

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The size, style and colour of the iframe border may also be changed with CSS:


<iframe src="html-resources/demo.htm" style="border:2px dotted red;" title="Iframe Example"></iframe>

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Iframe - Target for a Link

The target frame for a link can be an iframe..

The iframe's name attribute must be referenced by the link's target attribute::


<p><a href="" target="iframe_a">Load simmanchith homepage</a></p>
<iframe src="html-resources/demo.htm" name="iframe_a" title="Iframe Example" height="200" width="500"></iframe>

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