PHP Strings

A string is a collection of characters, such as "Welcome To PHP!".

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PHP String Functions

In this section, we will examine some widely used string handling functions.

strlen() - Return the Length of a String

The strlen() function in PHP calculates a string's length.

Example :-Return the length of the string "Welcome To PHP!":

echo strlen("Welcome To PHP!"); // outputs 15

Output :-


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str_word_count() - Count Words in a String

The str_word_count() function in PHP determines how many words are in a string.

Example :- Count the number of word in the string "Welcome To PHP!":

echo str_word_count("Welcome To PHP!"); // outputs 3

Output :-


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strrev() - Reverse a String

A string is reversed using the PHP strrev() function.

Example :- Reverse the string "Welcome To PHP!":-

echo strrev("Welcome To PHP!"); // outputs !PHP oT emocleW

Output :-

!PHP oT emocleW

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strpos() - Search For a Text Position Within a String

The PHP strpos() function looks for index or position of specified content within a string. If a match is found, the method returns the character index position of the first match. If there is no match, it returns FALSE.

Example :- Search for the text "PHP" in the string "Welcome To PHP!":

echo strpos("Welcome To PHP!", "PHP"); // outputs 12

Output :-


Tip :- The initial position in a string is 0. (not 1).

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str_replace() - Replace Text Within a String

In a string, the PHP str_replace() function substitutes or replace certain characters for others in a string.

Example :- Replace the text "PHP" with "":

echo str_replace("PHP", "", "Welcome To PHP!"); // outputs Welcome To!

Output :-

Welcome To!

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Complete PHP String Reference

For a complete reference of all string functions, go to our complete PHP String Reference.

The PHP string reference contains description and example of use, for each function!