Python Datetime

Python Datetime

Python Dates

A Python date isn't a data type of itself, but a module named datetime is available for import for dates as date objects.

Example :- Import module datetime and show current date :

import datetime
x =

Output :-

2021-08-09 18:24:37.522803

Date includes year, month, day, hour, minute, second and microsecond.

The datetime module contains various methods for returning date object information.

Example :- year and weekday name and returned :

import datetime
x =

Output :-


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Creating Date Objects

We can use the datetime() class (builder) of the datatime module to produce a date.

The datetime() class needs a date with 3 parameters : year, month, day.

Example :- Create a date object :

import datetime
x = datetime.datetime(2020, 5, 17)

Output :-

2020-05-17 00:00:00

The datetime() class requires time and timezone (time, minute, second, microsecond, tzone), however it is optional with a default 0. (None for timezone).

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The strftime() Method

The datetime object has a formatted date objects method in readable strings.

The method is called strftime() and requires one parameter, format, to indicate the format of the string returned :

Example :- Display the name of the month :

import datetime
x = datetime.datetime(2018, 6, 1)

Output :-


All the legal format codes are referred to :

Directive Description Example
%a Weekday, short version Wed
%A Weekday, full version Wednesday
%w Weekday as a number 0-6, 0 is Sunday 3
%d Day of month 01-31 31
%b Month name, short version Dec
%B Month name, full version December
%m Month as a number 01-12 12
%y Year, short version, without century 18
%Y Year, full version 2018
%H Hour 00-23 17
%I Hour 00-12 05
%M Minute 00-59 41
%S Second 00-59 08
%f Microsecond 000000-999999 548513
%z UTC offset +0100
%Z Timezone CST
%j Day number of year 001-366 365
%U Week number of year, Sunday as the first day of week, 00-53 52
%W Week number of year, Monday as the first day of week, 00-53 52
%c Local version of date and time Mon Dec 31 17:41:00 2018
%x Local version of date 12/31/18
%X Local version of time 17:41:00
%% A % character %
%G ISO 8601 year 2018
%u ISO 8601 weekday(1-7) 1
%V ISO 8601 weeknumber (01-53) 01

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