SQL Difference Between Any Two Sql Keywords

You will learn about the differences between sql queries with comparision of syntax, rules, advantages, drawbacks. Also you will learn about query performance tuning and time complexity.

Difference Between Basic SQL Queries

In this section, you will learn about comparision between basic sql quries like Create Table Vs View, Truncate Vs Delete Vs Drop, Having Vs Where, View Vs Temporary Table, Insert into Vs Select into, Insert Vs Update, Having Vs Groupby, Null Vs Empty and etc.

Difference Between Datatype Based Queries

Many times, we don't know exactly which datatype to use. So, here is a comparision between datatypes like Varchar Vs Nvarchar, Decimal Vs Float, Image Vs Varbinary, Int Vs BigInt, Datetime Vs Datetime2, Time Vs Timestamp, Real Vs Money and etc.

Difference Between WHERE Clause Based Operator Queries

Here, you are going to learn about comparision between operators like All Vs Any Vs In, Between Vs Not In, Not Exist Vs Not In, Exist Vs Not Exist, Except Vs Intercept, In Vs Exist and etc..

Difference Between SQL Function Based Queries

There are many functions available in sql and some functions work like same. To understand that, we show you a differences beteen functions like Cast Vs Convert, Round Vs Ceil Vs Floor, Now Vs Sysdate, Coalesec Vs Isnull Vs Ifnull, Count Vs Count Distinct, Contains Vs Like, Rank Vs Dense Rank, Length Vs Datalength, IIF Vs Case, Charindex Vs Patindex and etc.

Difference Between Multiple Table Based Queries

Get Relations and comparisions of multiple tables like Join Vs Union, Inner Join Vs Outer Join, Primary Key Vs Foreign Key, Uniue Vs Unique Index, Union Vs Union All, Subquery Vs Nested Vs Corelated and etc.

Difference Between Advanced SQL Queries

Read difference between advanced sql queries like Commit Vs Rollback, Json Vs Jsonb, Before Trigger Vs After Trigger, Strored Procedure Vs Trigger, Stored Procedure Vs User Defined Functions and etc.