SQL REPLACE() Function

SQL REPLACE() Function

The SQL REPLACE() function is used to replace one or more characters (sequence of characters or string) from a string or expression.

The SQL REPLACE() function will replace all available matched strings.

The SQL REPLACE() function is supports or work with character and numeric based columns.

It can be used in any valid SQL SELECT statement as well in SQL where clause.

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The below syntax is used to replace strings from a given input string or expression.

SELECT REPLACE(string1, find_character_or_string, replace_character_or_string);

The below syntax is used to replace strings from a in a specific column value.

SELECT REPLACE(column_name1, find_character_or_string, replace_character_or_string) FROM table_name;
Parameter Name Description
string or column_name Required. The string to replace a sequence of characters or a string with another set of characters or string.
find_character_or_string Required. The sequence of characters or string that will be searched for to replace in string1 or column_name1.
replace_character_or_string Required. The replacement character or string. All occurrences of "find_character_or_string" found within string1 or column_name1 are replaced with "replace_character_or_string".

SQL REPLACE() Example - Using Expression Or Formula

The following SQL SELECT statement replace sequence of characters or a string within a string.

SELECT REPLACE('Sql Tutorial.', '.', '!') AS 'Replaced String';

The result of above query is:

Replaced String
Sql Tutorial!

SQL REPLACE() Function More Example

Input Value Result
REPLACE('Database', 'a', '@') D@t@b@se
REPLACE('Sql Tutorial', 'Sql', 'Pl Sql') Pl Sql Tutorial
REPLACE('Sql Query or Command', 'or', '/') Sql Query / Command
REPLACE('Simmanchith.com', 'c', 'C') SimmanChith.Com

Sample Database Table - Employee

ID EmpName Designation Dept JoinYear Salary
1 Siva Kumar SQL Mining MySQL 2013 9140
2 Hanumanthan Cloud Database MS Access 2012 12500
3 Sakunthala Project Manager PHP 2015 12500
4 Geetha SQL Security Java 2014 17330.8
5 Bala Murugan Database Security PHP 2014 19640
6 Padmavathi Developer PHP 2012 5360


The following SQL statement replace the "EmpName" and "Dept" column from the "Employee" table:

EmpName, REPLACE(EmpName, 'a', '@') As 'Replaced - EmpName',
Dept, REPLACE(Dept, 'PHP', 'Personal Home Page') As 'Replaced - Dept' 
FROM Employee;

The result of above query is:

ID EmpName Replaced - EmpName Dept Replaced - Dept
1 Siva Kumar Siv@ Kum@r MySQL MySQL
2 Hanumanthan H@num@nth@n MS Access MS Access
3 Sakunthala S@kunth@l@ PHP Personal Home Page
4 Geetha Geeth@ Java Java
5 Bala Murugan B@l@ Murug@n PHP Personal Home Page
6 Padmavathi P@dm@v@thi PHP Personal Home Page

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