SQL Function Reference

Learn about the different types of built-in functions available in SQL databases. You can make use of the built-in functions.

Aggregate Functions

Aggregate functions compute a single value from a set of values. They are permitted in a SELECT statement's select list or HAVING clause. To calculate the aggregation on categories of rows, use an aggregation with the GROUP BY clause.

Math / Numeric Functions

Perform calculations (math and numerical) and return numeric values based on input values provided as parameters to the functions.

String / Character Functions

Return a string or numeric value by performing operations (modify or replace characters) on a string (char or varchar) input value.

Date And Time Functions

Return text, numeric, or date and time values from operations on date and time input data.

Ranking Functions

For each row in a partition, the ranking function returns a value. Some rows may receive the same value as other rows, depending on the function that is called.

Advanced Functions

This section contains convert a data into other types, formatting the data into a specific format, checking null values, apply conditional logic, and others.