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This page provides details regarding advertising on this website.

Regarding Advertisements

Simmanchith serves the global community of web designers and developers.

Utilizing Simmanchith's advertising services offers an economical means to endorse your products and services, concurrently contributing to the open dissemination of education.

The subsequent advertising alternatives are at your disposal:

Text Links

Text links will appear on the lower section of the left-side navigation on each tutorial page.

Lines Price Per Month
1 Line up to 20 characters $50
Additional Line up to 20 characters $30

Each text line can have a different hyperlink and should be confined to a single line.

Graphical Ads

Ad Formats Est. Impressions Price Per Month
Leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels) 1 Million $1500
Premium Skyscraper (160 x 600 pixels) 1 Million $900
Large Rectangle (336 x 280 pixels) 1 Million $500
Mega Banner (900 x 190 pixels) 1 Million $600

For those seeking extended-duration advertising arrangements, we provide the opportunity for up to a 30% discount, contingent upon the duration of the advertising commitment. All prices are denominated in US dollars. Refer to the exemplar of ad placements provided below.

Please be aware: All paid links and banner advertisements will be automatically attributed with a rel=nofollow attribute, aligning with the established guidelines of the Google search engine.

How To Order

If you are interested in advertising with us, kindly reach out via email to Please include the specifics, encompassing the advertisement's duration and format, or feel free to drop us a message.

How and When To Payment

Your advertisement will undergo testing and configuration. Payment can be processed once your advertisement has been finalized and is ready to be published.

We accept payments through Debit Cards, Credit Cards, or PayPal.