Python MongoDB

Python MongoDB

In database and NoSql applications, python may be utilised.

The NoSQL database is one of MongoDB's most popular.


MongoDB holds JSON-like data, making it extremely flexible and scalable in its database.

You need access to a MongoDB database in order to experience code samples in this tutorial.

A free MongoDB database is available for download at

Or start immediately on with the MongoDB cloud service.

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In order to access the MongoDB database, the MongoDB driver is needed for Python.

We utilise the MongoDB driver "PyMongo" in this tutorial.

We advise you to utilise PIP for PyMongo installation.

Most likely, your python environment has PIP installed already.

Download and install "PyMongo" :

E:\>python -m pip install pymongo

A mongoDB driver has now been downloaded and installed.

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Test PyMongo

For testing, if you have already installed a "pymongo", construct a Python file that has the following code :

import pymongo
#if this page is executed with no errors, you have the "pymongo" module installed.

Output :-


When no errors have been made in the above code, "pymongo" is installed and ready for usage.

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